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Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Dear JV Partner,


After the huge success of Autonars, that sold over a thousand copies,
We're back with a must-have offer that everyone needs.

This is unique and no other offer out there can be more valuable than this!

That is why your customers will love this product and jump on buying this quickly.

It's time to earn BIG commissions on a product that almost everyone with a product would LOVE to get their hands on!

This is Your Chance to Earn 60% Commission
for Every Autonar Software Sold at $97!
($58.2 per sale!!!)

So, What is Autonars?

Autonars is a cloud-based software that puts your webinars on autopilot with ease,
while avoiding expensive monthly fees altogether...

Have Autonars go to work for you today and start generating you passive profits
by putting the most powerful sales medium on total autopilot!

Who is Autonars For?

  • Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers....Anyone who has a product to sell!
  • Anyone who wants to cash in on webinars while doing the least amount of work!
  • Anyone fed up with not being able to make any money online!
  • Anyone who is ready to start getting results with webinars...without EVER having to give one!
  • Anyone who wants profitable webinars handed to them already done!
  • Anyone who wants one-time access to a software that automates a powerful income stream!

Check Out The Demo Of How Quick & Easy Autonars Is Set Up:

Not Only Is Autonars a Fully Automated Webinar Platform,
But We Took It To The Next Level By Creating DONE FOR YOU Webinars!

With these done for you webinars,
you can start building a list and earning affiliate commissions right now,
without having to do any work!

See How Autonars CRUSHES Other Webinar Softwares!

Autonars Is Like NOTHING Else Available!

Guaranteed Highest Profits Every Time

Never worry about losing profits because your webinar software limits how many attendees you can have. With autonars, you can have as many attendees as you want! Not to mention the pre-recorded "smooth webinar" technology ensures you have the highest conversions every time...without EVER having to give a live webinar! This means no unforeseen embarrassing technical issues, and no problem profiting even if you have stage fright.

Never Any Expensive Monthly Fees

By far one of the most annoying and scary problems with current webinar softwares is you need to pay monthly. When you get in on Autonars now, the software is yours FOREVER without ever having to pay a monthly fee. This means you won't be bleeding money and can use the software for FREE whenever you like.

Profit Without Ever Having To Be There

There's only so much time in the day, meaning scaling webinars is hard. When you need to be in front of the computer every time you give a webinar presentation, you're severely limiting your time and missing out on tons of profits. With autonars, you put all your presentations on autopilot and don't even need to be there! This means you can scale up your profits while doing literally none of the work you had to before - let the software do it for you.

Webinars simply convert higher, lead to more engagement, salesand profits. It's that simple.

Ok, Let's Get Started!

Step 1: 
Register as a VIP Affiliate And JV Partner:


Step 2: 
Request for Affiliate And JV Partner Approval:

Email Swipe Templates For You!

Here is a done for you Email Sequence Template, you can use to promote Autonars!

Email #1 - Prelaunch Webinar - Mail at 7pm EDT (day before the launch)
Free Workshop: Put a $100,000 per year income stream on autopilot
Free Training: Put a $100,000 per year income stream on autopilot


You already know how PROFITABLE webinars can be. They are one of the BEST ways of getting people to really understand, and then buy, your products.

However, they are one of the HARDEST things to do online. You have to put a presentation together, get enough people to attend to make it worth while, and then give the presentation to a room full of people.

But what if I told you there was an EASY way to do webinars where you’d NEVER have to do a single webinar yourself?

And what if you had everything done for you...including having someone ELSE run the webinar...AND a product to sell to your attendees.

Tomorrow, Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky are holding a workshop to show you exactly how to get copy their done-for-you system that made them well over $100,000 in 2016.

Get your spot at our live autopilot income system here

Seats are limited, and when they do these live workshops, they fill up quickly… So, don’t wait to reserve your spot or you might miss out on this…

Not only will you be getting some powerful training that you can take action on right away, you’ll also be able to lock-in a special “early bird” discount on their secret sauce software that helps him automate their business.

Remember, this no cost live training is going to fill up fast. If you’ve been on one of Mike and Brett’s training events in the past, you know how awesome it is…

...and if you haven’t, you’ll want to make sure you get on this one.

Here’s the link to reserve your spot one more time…


Make it a great day!

Email #2 - Mail at 8am EDT Launch Day

$100k Autopilot system “Early Bird” webinar starts in 1-hr
$100k Autopilot system Training Starting in 1 Hour...

Mike and Brett’s workshop showing how to automate their system which made them $100k last year is starting in one hour.

Yesterday, I sent you an email about today’s free, live workshop with Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine.

During the workshop, they’ll reveal how they’re able to 100% automate a $100k system and how you can do the same.

This is for people who understand just how PROFITABLE doing webinars can be, but don’t want to actually have to do them themselves.

Don’t miss this free training…click the link below now to grab one of the last spots.

To your success!

PS - This is THE passive income stream that you’ve been missing in your business

Again, don’t wait… the training ends soon and the discount goes soon as well.

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Email #3 - Mail at 10am EDT Launch Day
Autonars is LIVE!
Get Webinar profits WITHOUT ever running a webinar yourself...automated!
Done-For-You System runs webinars for you...on autopilot!

The new software that runs webinars for you with DONE-FOR-YOU webinars is live!

This means you can can make webinar-profits WITHOUT ever having to do a webinar yourself.

Click the link below to check it out and get in with special, “early bird” pricing...

You’re really going to like Autonars because:

-It automates our webinar system that brought us in over $100,000 last year
-It includes a software and DONE-FOR-YOU webinars so you’ll never have to do a webinar yourself
- It makes true passive income...and even works for you while you sleep!
- Unlike other systems and softwares, this is a ONE-TIME never worry about monthly fees
- There’s no limit on you can have your webinar running to one person...or 1,000,000!
- It’s mobile friendly so it works on all devices...never lose a sale!

Plus, a whole lot more!

Just to be clear, the price goes up at midnight EDT… so now’s the time to cash in on our autopilot webinar system

Click the link below now to snag this before the next spike…

To your success!

P.S. - Oh yeah… ask yourself this. If you’re happy with the amount of money you’re making right now, then you can forget this email. If you’re not, then you need to click the above link NOW and solve that problem…

Email #4 - Mail at 1pm to unopens

Want a 100% done-for-you system?
The EASY way to get webinar profits


You’ve probably heard that webinars are SUPER-PROFITABLE, but maybe you’re just a bit scared to do them.

No worries...I was the same way as you...and to be honest...webinars are a pain in the butt!

Until now!

Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine have come up with a software and system that will let you profit from done-for-you webinars without EVER doing one yourself.

They’ve even included traffic training as a bonus so you’re going to have everything you need to run a successul business!

So if you’re looking for a done-for-you profitable business then check this out now:

The amazing part about this is that you get the profitabilty of webinars without ever having to do one’s as easy as it gets!

Just click the link below:


Are you going to be the next success story? Now’s your chance. Click the link above.

P.S. - If you’ve tried other stuff in the past or you’re just looking for something that really works, this is it. It’s a real done-for-you system with everything included!

Email #5 - Mail at 7pm EDT

5 HRS LEFT: 100% done-for-you profit system
5 HRS LEFT: Don’t pay more for this!

If you want to get the BEST done-for-you webinar system that I’ve ever seen then you’ve got 5 hours before the price goes up.

Snag it here and hurry because I don’t want you to get stuck paying more:

First off, I can tell you straight-up, that this system better than 99% of the stuff you’ve seen out there. It includes both the auto-webinar software AND done-for-you webinars so you’ll never have to do a webinar...EVER!

What’s inside?

-It automates our webinar system that brought us in over $100,000 last year
-It includes a software and DONE-FOR-YOU webinars so you’ll never have to do a webinar yourself
- It makes true passive income...and even works for you while you sleep!
- Unlike other systems and softwares, this is a ONE-TIME never worry about monthly fees
- There’s no limit on you can have your webinar running to one person...or 1,000,000!
- It’s mobile friendly so it works on all devices...never lose a sale!

Plus, a whole lot more!

It’s easy for anyone to have success with this because the software does most of the heavy lifting.

You can scale this up as high as you want, too.

When you click the link below, you’ll be able to a watch a video overview of the system, see proof of results, and get all the details…

To your success!

PS - Oh yeah… I almost forgot… There’s NO RISK when you grab this today before the price goes up again tomorrow. Click the link anove now to take a look at everything you get with Autonars...

Email #6 - Mail at 10am EDT on day 2 with FAQ list (What is Board Commander)?

[Autonars] Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
Answered questions about Autonars…

At this point, you’ve likely seen a few emails about Mike and Brett’s new system for using the POWER of webinars without actually having to do a single one yourself.

If for some reason, you haven’t seen it yet, you can get all the details by clicking the link below (but hurry as there’s another price spike at midnight tonight)…

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, maybe you’re wondering what exactly Autonars is all about?

To make it easy to get your questions answers, I’ve put together the top questions people are asking about Autonars, along with the answers…

Here we go…

What’s Autonars?
Autonars is a system that lets you use a POWERFUL cloud-based software to profit from done-for-you webinars with done-for-you products to promote and profit from. Essentially you can profit from the power of webinars WITHOUT ever doing one yourself.

What’s included?
In addition to several exclusive bonuses, you’ll get access to a cloud-based software (nothing to download) that will automatically run done-for-you webinars. There’s also two done-for-you webinars with products to profit from included.

Plus, if you happen to have your own webinars (which you don’t need) you can use the software to run those as well.

Is there anything “tech” related or complicated required with this?
No. In fact, it was created specifically for newbies.

What makes this different than other autowebinar softwares?
Unlike other auto-webinar softwares, Autonars has EVERYTHING done for you. This isn’t just a software, it’s a COMPLETE SYSTEM for you to profit from webinars without actually doing them yourself.

To learn more about Autonars and see proof of results, and check out the money-making bonuses that are included, click the link below now…


Make it a great day!


Bonus Graphic Templates For You!

Bonus Product

Because we really want you to succeed we are going to include
Brett's $67 Group Traffic Profits system 100% for free as a BONUS for Autonars!

Who is Group Traffic Profits For?

  • Group Traffic Profits is the proven system that Brett personally uses to get hundreds of free visitors anywhere he wants any time he wants (including to Autonars webinars)!
  • Never have to worry about getting traffic again with this time-tested proven free traffic system!
  • Anyone who want to grow their Facebook Group for Free Traffic!

Contact Us If you Have Questions

Brett Rutecky 

Mike From Maine 
(Affiliate Manager)

JV Ancheta
(Affiliate Manager)

The materials provided on Autonars are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme in any way. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do we in any way whether directly or indirectly do so.

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